Katie Cassidy Lands In Vancouver 2012 

Katie Cassidy has the perfect scream for The Black Canary

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”Some things never change: You and her, always and forever”

A lauriver mix, because once again i am the lonely sole sailor on an amazing ship. 

"Hello, pretty bird" 

"Hello, pretty bird" 

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Oliver & Dinah - Dioses entre nosotros año 2 

"I think people will be very happy with Laurel’s trajectory specifically this year in that regard. She’s going to start trying to walk the path that her sister walked, which is something we set up in the Season Finale and I think people are going to be really excited to see where that goes." — Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim | ComicBook.com 09/21/2014

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@MzKatieCassidy Sometimes… Less is more @twitter take a beat. Relax.

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@MzKatieCassidy Nothing like being eaten alive by bugs at this hour.

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Porque eu te amo tanto assim? <3

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